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Applied Digital Systems has been providing Document Imaging solutions to the industry since 1996.

Our services are designed for companies wanting to implement, manage and control their own Document Imaging Systems.

Applied Digital Systems assists companies in selecting appropriate scanning equipment, software, and personnel.

The choice in products can be a difficult task for the client without any real background experience.

There are many Document Imaging Solutions available each addressing different needs from company to company. In selecting an appropriate system, document volumes in themselves do not offer consolation as to system capabilities, as competing scanners perform very differently.

For example, two different scanners may be rated at 10,000 pages per day and both can scan in duplex mode (scan front and back of a page), but one handles batches entirely different to the other, one may require pre-printed batch headers to designate the start and end of the document but another may provide both pre-printed and manual designations. One may offer automatic paper feed and the other semi-automated, but the automated feed scanners may not allow manual scanning of records, unless there is a change in feeder attachment.

The challenge for an inexperienced purchaser can be daunting as well as confusing for anyone not in this field.

This is where Applied Digital Systems plays a vital role for organizations wanting to introduce Document Imaging.

Applied Digital Systems through consultation with its sister companies can source appropriate equipment that has been tested and well proven to meet the demands of the clients and their chosen method of operation.

Applied Digital Systems deals daily with various product suppliers and is able to create the specifications and evaluate the product offerings proposing to meet the client's requested criteria. We have trained and experienced personnel that can install, implement and train our clients on all processes of the Document Imaging Solution.

Product and personnel support is provided as part of the process. Our support can extend to utilising the services of our sister companies should interruptions occur at the client's facility. Applied Digital Systems would under these circumstances arrange for continuity to be maintained.

The service provided by Applied Digital Systems is invaluable when considering an in-house Document Imaging Solution.