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Integrated Imaging Systems is a privately owned family business, which commenced operation in 1987.

Its founders already recognized in the industry for having designed amongst some of the most advanced imaging systems in major institutions utilizing a combination of microfilm and optical disk products were well equipped to commence a successful operation which has seen consistent and well managed growth.

Integrated Imaging Systems' reasons for having sustained continued growth has been partly due to traditional management concepts, namely:
  • Keeping abreast of technology and trends relevant to records management.
  • Having our clients define their expectations of customer service.
  • Introducing and updating quality processes, as the industry requires.
  • Maintaining regular contact with the client and their staff.
  • Monitoring regularly client's level of understanding of IIS system.
  • Ensuring all IIS personnel are familiar with clients expectations and needs.
  • Maintaining pricing structures so as to be competitive and ensuring growth.
  • Treating each project as if it was our own and our livelihoods depended on it.
  • Purchase only high quality equipment and consumables.
In taking on projects we ensure for the client through tests, trials and sound management, accurate budget expectations. This is achieved mainly from the experience we have gained over the years, but also from our knowledge of systems, equipment performance and confidence in our staff's level of knowledge for the project.

Our operation is equipped with resources, necessary to handle small jobs; that is clients with special needs in relation to scanning, to very large clients handling hundreds of thousands of documents each month. Every client is given special treatment no matter its size.

When compared with some very large companies in the Records Management industry we are often asked what security can we offer to our clients in relation to:

  • Confidentiality - Our Company has as a policy the signing of non-Disclosure Agreements with all members of staff, each made totally aware of the implications in non-compliance. Furthermore IIS will not hesitate to sign the same with our Clients.
  • Privacy Act - In accordance with the requirements of the National Privacy Principals Integrated Imaging Systems takes every reasonable step to protect any personal information of the Purchaser it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.
  • Continuity - Since commencement of operation Integrated Imaging Systems has been consistent in its growth and maintaining Budget expectations. Our client base has been loyal over the years and in many instances has referred our operation to other clients. Most of our clients have been procured via referrals. Low staff turnover rates, dedicated family members, acknowledging our client to be the sole reason for our existence, reacting faster to our customers' needs than our competitors will guarantee our existence.