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The challenge for many companies when it comes to records management is determining whether the system they have in place is by far the most efficient from a production, economic and competitive viewpoint.

Although many administration managers are aware of the problems facing them, few are willing to do anything about it, or if a solution is implemented, it usually is a copy of a system used by a competitor that somehow appears as being an improvement over theirs.

The successful companies that beat the challenge on the other hand have many characteristics that are common, these being:
  • They know there is a problem and will not accept it.
  • They investigate every aspect of their system and document every strength and weakness.
  • They explore alternatives including new technology
  • They test viable systems and their suitability to the considered applications
  • They refer to installation sites with similar systems or products for performance and support criteria.
  • They review their system and reinforce training periodically.
  • They make it known to everyone they use reliable state-of-the-art equipment for improved customer service.
For many companies, the lack of time and skill are obstacles that can limit the introduction of new technology or for that matter even streamlining existing procedures.

Samange Pty Ltd is aware of these limitations and addresses many of the above requirements in a systematic and conclusive way, that makes decision making and systems implementation a simple and worry free task.