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Samange Pty Ltd is an Australian company specializing in the field of Document Imaging and Information Management. We provide sensible, realistic and practical advice in acquiring and implementing Document Imaging Solutions.

Samange Pty Ltd is also the principal owner of three well known established and successful companies, namely
Integrated Imaging Systems , Applied Digital Systems and Sam The Scan Man.

The directors of all three companies are the original founders and the primary contacts within Samange Pty Ltd.

Samange Pty Ltd when commissioned brings into discussions a wealth of knowledge, gained both locally and overseas. Our valued advice has brought about many successful installations with numerous local and multi-national organisations.

The services of Samange Pty Ltd are called upon when our clients are unsure or need balanced practical advice as to which Document Imaging System or approach is best suited to them.

Samange Pty Ltd through in depth interviews with Departmental Managers, IT Departments and Company Directors establishes the client requirements; financial and competitive strategies, both short and long term plans with current and future IT proposals, and methods for converting the present filing systems into an Integrated Imaging solution.

The services of Samange Pty Ltd can be employed on an hourly basis or on a fixed fee depending on the scope of the project.

Why the need for Samange Pty Ltd?

The field of Document Imaging has embedded itself or should we say is being called on by most of the new information technologies that are being introduced at such an accelerated rate each day.

Prospective recipients of Document Imaging in their selection of an ideal system are having to disentangle themselves from the many confusing terms being thrown at them by the many product vendors offering and claiming to having "the appropriate solution".

Imagine trying to decide as to whether you should be implementing; Workflow, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Management, Records Management, Business Intelligence, B2B or maybe B2C or is it B2W solutions, E-Document Management and lets not forget Portals. Overwhelming for many, to the point that decisions are delayed or not made at all!

Samange Pty Ltd as specialists in the field of Document Imaging and Information Management have learnt over the years, which products and techniques work well with various applications and which products should be avoided. We are always in the process of evaluating new products and comparing these against existing systems. What works we keep, that which doesn't is sent back!

Our document imaging bureau,
Integrated Imaging Systems scans all types of document applications and builds Imaging Databases for well known top Fortune 500 companies. It has used and evaluated many systems since 1987 and has selected products producing the highest quality with the greatest of ease and flexibility.

Our Equipment and Software supplier,
Applied Digital Systems, specialises in implementing in-house solutions. It deals with both departmental managers and IT specialists, as well as liaise with product suppliers and programmers when necessary.

Applied Digital Systems is fully aware of the complex tasks needed to ensure systems function according to their design and meeting client expectations.

All too often we see the results of poor decisions in recently installed products being returned as trade-ins, due to lack of resources, knowledge or undersized systems.

Samange Pty Ltd draws on the established knowledge and skills of its business units and uses these traits when making recommendations to potential clients.

All of our clients receive high level support. We facilitate the use of our systems by carefully scheduling training programs, quality review meetings, and optional link up to our business units for day to day monitoring of the recommended imaging systems. Most anomalies in the system are noted immediately and in many cases rectified even before the client detects them.

Systems designed by Samange Pty Ltd always take into account emerging technology considerations, and upgrade paths that will not make the solutions obsolescent in relatively short periods.

Contact us if you need more information or wish to have one of our consultants discuss your special requirements.
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